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What My Client's Say....

My husband and I have had a long journey to becoming parents to say the least. After a year of trying naturally we embarked on the IVF route. Unfortunately it wasn’t straight forward, we had multiple set backs with abandoned cycles, miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. Before we embarked on our 13th round of IVF my sister in law suggested RTT to us and put us in touch with Ally Parry.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that we met Ally. I did an RTT session with her before we started our final round. Ally brought me back to my childhood where we unlocked memories that were blocking me from believing that we could have a baby. It was amazing what we discovered in one session, it was like having multiple therapy sessions wrapped up in one short session with Ally. Ally then sent me a recording of part of our session which I listened to twice a day from before we started the IVF round right up until we tested positive. I loved listening to it, it kept me in a really positive mind set and completely kept my stress levels under control. 

As you can imagine we were over joyed to get a positive pregnancy test but as I had previously suffered miscarriages I was understandably nervous. At this stage Ally sent me a new recording which really helped me through the pregnancy, it made me believe that this pregnancy was different and it was!!!

I gave birth to the most amazing baby girl 5 weeks ago, our little miracle and I will eternally be grateful to Ally and RTT for helping us on our journey.

My message to anyone who is on a journey to becoming a mother and finding it difficult is don’t give up. If I have been blessed with my baby girl after 9 long years of trying then it will happen for you too. I whole heartedly recommend RTT and would urge everyone to try it. It is most certainly worth it!!  

Marie O'Hurley      UK

I would like to thank Ally for a fantastic RTT session!

Ally helped me understand the root cause of my issue with procrastination that was holding me back from achieving a personal goal. This feels so fantastic beause now that I understand what was holding me back I have stopped doubting myself so much and feel free to finally move forward, which feels amazing. I also love listening to the recording she gave me, she is a caring and compassionate therapist and I found the session very relaxing and enjoyable.

Sarah Browne   Australia

Ally is a wonderful therapist. She is so warm and personable, and I immediately felt comfortable with her. I felt that she really cared about me and truly wanted to help me achoieve my goals. Ally helped me identify limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for most of my life .....over 40 years! I feel lighter, freer and more confident after working with Ally. I would recommend her to anyone!

Mary Hoffman USA

Ally is such an amazing therapist. I had the chance to work on my hair loss problem, and the compassion, empathy, understanding from her side were greatly alleiviating. The most we need when we have an issue is to feel understood and handled properly with gentleness and care, and Ally's natural ability is to do this. 

in addition, she has properly reached the root cause of a life-long issue that has made me suffer a low self-esteem and a fear of aging.  I released a lot of pain in her session and felt so much was lifted off my chest. I started to notice some changes ever since I started listening to the transformational recording, and became way way more accepting and less upset about my hair condition. In fact, something started shifting and I got comments that my hair looked healthier, fuller and better! That was such an uplifting comment, which indicated that the transformational recording worked. Ally has such a soothng voice too, her tone is very encouraging, soothing and alleviating. I loved reaching out for the recording. She was really born to do this.I absolutely Recommend her to anyone seeking help. I personally will not stop resorting to her. I saw quick results.

Jess Bassal    Egypt

Ally has such a soothing voice and made me feel safe and heard from our first conversation. I felt like she really listened to how I was feeling and was compassionate. The session was relaxing and extremely insightful. Afterwards I felt empowered in my body and in a new state of expectation for my goals. I loved listening to the recording and hearing her kind voice of support. Ally went above and beyond checking in on me to support me even after the session. Thank you Ally, you are a phenomenal therapist and I feel lucky to have met you.

Andrea    USA

First I want to thank Ally for the awesome session. During all the time, from the beginning then the discovery call, then the session and after the recording..... I felt in best hands. You are a great and well prepared therapist and I felt sure all the time. Since I made the session for more confidence in myslef to talk and understand English, see and feel the change.

I started to be more confident by using it.

With that many other blocked things started to move.... it was like a button was switched and my life took another turn and I am able to find and see new perspectives ... An the trust that everything is going on positive. I will still listening the recording. Thank you so much and a big big hug, you are awesome.

Sonja Noblis     Germany

Your session was nothing short of miraculous. I'm already beginning to feel better

Crystal    USA

Ally is an outstanding therapist and she has transformed the performance and mobility of my left knee long standing issue that I had with my left knee within a matter of a few weeks. My overall well- being has improved drastically with a much improved posture and biomechanics. I am thoroughly  reaping the benefits of my increased confidence in my left knee and I am so excited to build on my athletic abilities! She enabled me to connect the dots and align my mind and body with much improved synchronicity.

Ally's kind, compassionate nature combined with an astute observation makes her the go-to therapist, and she can help you understand yourself in ways that will help you break- through what ever limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back from being your best self.

Thank you again for a profoundly insightful and transformative session and recording!

Channel Chow    USA

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